Benefits of Taking NC DMV Practice Test And Why It Matters?

To get a driver’s license in North Carolina you must take and pass the road test. But before that, you must take and pass the written driving test.

A North Carolina driver’s license test is the sole requirement for being able to drive in the state’s roads and highways. With such a big undertaking you can easily get nervous and get the traffic sign and written test wrong. However, with patience and taking online drivers practice test, you can gain the confidence to pass the exam with flying colors.

Driving is a legal privilege and responsibility. In North Carolina, it is against the law to drive a motor vehicle on streets and highways without a valid driver’s license. The knowledge test is about traffic laws and safe driving practices.

NC Driving Practice Tests Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

NC DMV Practice TestOne of the universal truths is that practice makes perfect. The same applies when you’re getting hands-on driving experience- the more hours you put on the effort, the easier it will be.

One of the objectives in taking an NC driving practice test online is that you’ll gain the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Once you know the answer to a question then it becomes an automatic point when you encounter it next time.

Here, you’ll get to learn about the areas where you’re good at, and where you need to study more. Go back to reading the NC driver’s manual and brush up on sections that need more work.

The good thing about online practice driving tests NC is you’ll get immediate feedback following the exam. You’ll be able to see what items you got wrong and which ones you got right.

It’s said that would-be drivers who are proactive in their learning tend to get a better score at driving exams. Also, these individuals know when they’re ready to take the official written driving exam.

An online NC DMV practice test can help you in your journey to becoming a certified driver. It’s not enough to take the practice test once; since it’s free, you can take as many as you’d like so you can get familiar with the items that may come up. Additionally, you’ll get a better handle on traffic rules, road signs, and more.

What Other Resources Should I Use When Studying for NC Knowledge Test?


Instructors will tell you that the best way to prepare for the written drivers exam is to study the North Carolina Driver’s Handbook and read it from cover to cover. The material will serve as your official guide and is published by the NC Motor Vehicle Division and Department of Transportation. It’s free to browse and download on the internet.

Study the NC driver’s handbook carefully and make sure that you read and understand all of the information contained within. The North Carolina drivers license test will cover safe driving practices, driving laws and road rules. A few items will ask you to identify signs by shape, while others will ask you to explain what it is. It can be challenging at times but then you’ll be glad you learned it when you’re driving on the road.

Other than that, you can supplement your learning with a reputable practice test online NC to gauge how much you’ve absorbed and your weak subject points. You can choose to divide the subjects by topic, by page or take a DMV written test on the internet.

North Carolina Driver Handbook

How to Prepare For The Day of The North Carolina Permit Test?

The one thing you shouldn’t do is to cram the whole rulebook the night before the actual exam. It should serve as a period of light review and mental preparation. If you have absorbed all the details you need then it’s just a matter of lightly reading through the manual. Additionally, you can take some practice questions online for a boost of confidence.

The knowledge test for North Carolina is divided into two sections- a multiple choice on NC driving rules and laws, which may consist of 25 questions, and a road sign test which may consist of 12 questions. If you read the NC drivers manual and took the NC DMV practice tests then you shouldn’t have any problem getting through it.

A positive outlook or attitude can really help. Believe in yourself and the knowledge you’ve obtained from reading the manual and taking online practice tests. If you’re fully prepared then you should encounter little to no problems during the exam. Confidence is a big help in this case, and it can come from taking practice exams until you’re comfortable with the questions and format.

The strategy for taking the written driver’s test is simple- you have the North Carolina driver’s manual as your single reference. Read it, understand and master it. Go through several readings to understand the material. If you prefer, tackle it by section or by day, so long as you come away learning something new.

The North Carolina written driver exam is not a speed contest. It’s okay to spend more time than most people to fully grasp the road rules, signs and traffic laws. Don’t just memorize for memorization’s sake- understand it so you can apply it when you’re finally driving on the road.

The morning of the real driving exam, make sure to get a good night’s rest and wake up early and plenty of time. Eat breakfast and arrive at least 30 minutes early on the testing site. If you’re nervous, take a few deep breaths and remember that you’ve gone through practice tests online, so the real test should be easy.

Pass Your NC Learner's Permit Test First Time With

The passing grade in the driving exam in North Carolina is 80%. If the test has 25 questions then you should make at least 20 in order to pass and proceed to the driving part. For the Knowledge Test, you’re expected to answer 20 multiple choice questions and identify 9 road signs minimum to pass the exam. can help you prepare for the real drivers exam with an online NC DMV practice test you can take anywhere. Get the edge you need to pass with confidence, 100% free.

Feel free to start your journey to becoming a North Carolina driver with DriverKnowledge. It uses a database of questions sourced from the 2020 NC driver’s handbook.