This online NC drivers license test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the NC permit test that is required before you can get your driver’s license.

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Which of these is the proper way to change lanes?

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What is true about the far left lane on a multi lane highway?

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A flashing red light means:

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When a traffic signal is showing a flashing yellow light, you must:

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When changing lanes you should:

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What is meant by the term "space cushion"?

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In bad weather, you should make you car easier to see by:

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A motorist approaching a bicyclist should:

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The Accessible Parking Permit:

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When coming to an intersection where you want to turn right but there is a bicyclist ahead of you, what should you do?

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A person whose driver license is under suspension, may:

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When making a left turn on a circular green light, you must wait until...

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Most automobile skids are result of:

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When you approach an intersection on a main road, and the intersection is blocked with traffiYou should:

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If a pedestrian is crossing the street at an intersection without crosswalks, you must:

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What is a likely effect of taking another drug while drinking alcoholic beverages?

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The safest precaution that you can take regarding the use of cell phones while driving is:

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On a roadway where traffic is moving in both directions, in what position must you be before making a left turn?

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Safe speed to drive:

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When you approach a roundabout, you should:

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What is true about seat belts?

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When should you drive slower?

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When entering a freeway remember:

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When are you allowed to pass a school bus?

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If there is a railroad crossing ahead and a red flashing signal warns you of an approaching train, you must:

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If your vehicle breaks down on a highway:

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Two sets of solid double yellow lines spaced two or more feet apart indicates:

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A right turn starts in the right-hand lane and end in:

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When you see a vehicle stopped on the right shoulder of the road ahead with its hazard lights on:

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Where should you start to make a u-turn from, if on a multi lane road?

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If you have completed a defensive driving course, you may be able to save on your auto insurance premiums when buying a new or used car either by financing, leasing or through a bank car loan.

Regulatory traffic signs instruct drivers what they should, or should not do, in certain circumstances. You will be asked to identify roadway signs on the NC DMV Practice Test.

Tips for Passing the North Carolina Driving Test

If you’re seeking your driver’s license in North Carolina, you first need to pass a series of tests to prove your ability to drive safely and skillfully. One of the most important exams you will need to pass is the North Carolina DMV Sign Test, a comprehensive knowledge test that determines whether you understand common road signs and what they mean.

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles lists two major categories of signs that you will be tested on:

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs give instructions on the rules of the road, and are extremely important indicators of local guidelines such as parking limits or lane use. To pass the North Carolina DMV Sign Test, you need to develop a familiarity with regulatory signs that give instructions for turning lanes, parking, speed limits, railroad crossings and more. Be sure that your knowledge includes shape of the sign, the color or colors, and the text or symbols displayed. There’s a full chapter in the North Carolina Driver Handbook called “Signals, Signs and Pavement Markings,” and this chapter goes into detail on what these signs look like and what they mean for drivers. Don’t rely on self-testing; take a practice exam – like the North Carolina sign tests offered by Driver Knowledge – so you can test your knowledge and correct any problems before the big day arrives.

Warning Signs

Understanding what a warning sign means could save your life and the lives of the passengers in other vehicles you share the road with. These signs warn drivers of hazards such as abnormal patterns or curves in the road layout, the possibility of pedestrians or animals crossing, slick surface conditions, and more. Don’t study just to pass the test; recognizing these signs is a crucial first step to staying safe on the roads. If you’re preparing to take this test, make sure you put your best foot forward by both studying and taking practice exams to sharpen your skills and prepare you for success.

Passing the North Carolina DMV Sign Test is not only important because it’s required to gain your license; it’s important because your life may depend on understanding what those signs and symbols mean. If you’re looking for a reliable resource to help you through this process. We’re always excited to share our knowledge to help you develop your abilities, pass your tests, and become a safe, skilled driver.