There is so much information out there for seniors regarding safe driving, auto insurance, health and safety, and other related issues. The problem is that it’s scattered across the web. This definitive guide brings together essential information you need to know, and is periodically updated so you always have the best information available:

Senior Driver Education

Older Drivers Education: The Driver Section is dedicated to information and resources for the driver.  It includes information about how our bodies and minds change, and how to manage our driving and mobility.

Senior Resources for Road Safety: This guide covers issues specific to seniors and driving safety.

At Risk Driver Education: The American Administration of Motor Vehicle Administrators’ guide to at-risk drivers and driver education.

Safe Driving for Older Adults: A comprehensive guide for seniors on the importance of safe driving, vision test requirements, and natural changes we all face as we get older.

AAA Senior Driving Guide: This guide, by AAA, covers basic and advanced issues surrounding driving safety as a senior.

Driver Information For Seniors: The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Drivers bureau focuses on driver licensing, driver-related issues and ID cards.This guide is made specifically for seniors.

Aging And Driving: Tips and suggestions to help keep you safe on the road.

Injury Prevention For Seniors: This guide discusses injury prevention and safety on the road.

Senior Driver Overview: A brief overview of safe driving for senior citizens.

Safe Driving For Seniors: A resource guide for seniors on safe driving habits and practices.

Elderly Driving: A resource guide to help you stay safe while driving at any age and regardless of your current health.

Driving Safety: A guide to driving safely on the public roads.

Driving Test: A comprehensive DMV practice test.

Driving In Inclement Weather

Winter Safety: A guide discussing driving in winter conditions.

Winter Highway Safety Information: Safe driving practices in the winter on public highways.

Driving Hazards and Safety For Seniors: A guide for seniors on safe driving in hazardous conditions.

Insurance For Seniors

A Seniors Guide To Auto Insurance: (not related to state DMV) guide on auto insurance rates and issues for seniors.

Consumer Reports Car Buying Guide: One of the most trusted consumer resource sites on the web reviews auto insurance policies and what to look for as a senior driver.

Automobile Insurance Buyers Guide: The State of New Jersey’s published auto insurance buyer’s guide – applicable and relevant information regardless of where you live.

When To Stop Driving

Making The Decision To Stop Driving: When should you stop driving? This guide helps you make a decision based on health and objective driving ability.

Senior Safety And Driving: A resource for seniors to help them stay safe and know when it might be time to stop driving and get a ride from a trusted friend or relative.

The Effects Of Aging On Driving: An objective discussion of the effects of aging on driving.

Senior Health Issues

Senior Citizen Resource Guide: A guide to help you navigate auto insurance, as well as wellness, healthcare, and legal assistance.

Senior Citizen Vision Resource Page: A helpful guide for vision requirements, based on the California standard for vision requirements. Many states base their own vision requirements on California’s strict requirements.

Vision, Aging, and Driving: This study discusses common issues revolving around driving as we get older.

Aging And Adult Services: A resource guide to help you stay healthy and stay safe on the road.

Coping With Illness And Aging: A resource guide dedicated to helping you cope with illness and aging, and how it may affect your driving.

Assessing Your Driving Abilities: A resource guide for assessing your driving abilities.

Driving Alternatives: A resource for seniors to understand alternatives to driving.

Drowsy Driving Mindfulness: This guide provides critical information that you need to know about drowsy driving so you can keep yourself (and everyone else) safe on the road.

Best Vehicles For Senior Drivers

Consumer Reports Best Cars For Older Drivers: A resource devised by one of the most trusted sources for consumer information and testing. Find out what automobiles are the most appropriate for you.

Edmunds Reviews Of Best Vehicles For Seniors: Edmunds reviews the best vehicles for seniors.

Autotraders Best New and Used Vehicles For Seniors: Autotrader reviews new and used vehicles that incorporate features seniors might find helpful.

Automotive.coms Best Cars For Seniors: reviews the best vehicles for seniors.