How to Get a Driver’s License in Delaware

The Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues driver’s licenses to eligible adults, teens and new state residents through its four local offices across the state. The application process and requirements for obtaining a driver’s license are different for each group of prospective drivers.

New adult drivers
First-time drivers who are over the age of 18 are required to apply for a Delaware Learners Permit before they are able to obtain a driver’s license. This permit allows them to practice driving before taking the required over-the-road test at the DMV office.

Before applicants are granted the learner’s permit, they must pass both a written test and an eye examination. They also must provide proof of identity by presenting documents such as a birth certificate, a certificate of citizenship, a naturalization certificate, or a valid passport. In addition, they must bring two documents to authenticate that they reside in the state of Delaware. These can include things like recent utility bills, credit card bills, employment records, rental agreements, or voter identification cards. Applicants also must present a Social Security card or an official letter from the Social Security Administration.

The fee for an eight-year, Class D license is $40. All new drivers who have temporary permits must be accompanied in the car by a licensed driver over the age of 21. Permit-holders are eligible to take the road test at their local DMV office 10 days after passing the written examination.

Teen drivers
Teens must be at least age 16 to drive in the state of Delaware. Under the state’s Graduated Driver’s License Program for younger drivers, teens under age 18 cannot receive a Level 1 Learners Permit until after they have successfully completed a certified driver education class.

Young permit applicants must pass a road test and a written test given by a driver’s education teacher before receiving a permit. In addition, a parent or legal guardian must sign on to sponsor the teen driver before a permit will be granted. The sponsor can withdraw the permit for any reason and is liable for damages if the teen is shown to be a negligent driver.

Once applicants have met these qualifications, they can visit the DMV with a parent to apply for the permit. Like adult drivers, they must bring proof of their identity and proof of Delaware residency with them. A vision test also is performed before the permit is granted. Applicants must pay a $40 license cost for the eight-year, Class D certification.

If drivers are 17 and have had a learners permit for at least 12 months, they can get a Class D license as long as their driving privileges haven’t been lifted and their sponsor hasn’t revoked their endorsement.

New residents
New residents who move to Delaware from another state must obtain a Delaware driver’s license within 60 days of their arrival in order to continue driving in the state. Anyone with a valid driver’s license from another state can get a Delaware license by visiting the local DMV office. They will be asked to undergo a routine vision screening and to fill out a license application. The fee for the Class D license for new residents is $40.

If a driver’s out-of-state license is still valid, he or she will not have to take the DMV’s written test or the over-the-road test. However, the driver still will be required to show proof of residency in Delaware. New residents must turn in their out-of-state licenses within 60 days of moving into the state.

Preparing for a driver’s test
The state of Delaware has several resources available for applicants to help them prepare for their driver’s license examinations. A Delaware DMV practice test can be found at the agency’s website: Practice tests cover both general driving knowledge and traffic sign identification.

The state also provides Delaware driving manuals to the public on its website, including manuals published in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Haitian Creole. The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program also is available online for parents who want to help teens to prepare to become new drivers.

Delaware DMV office locations
Applicants for driver’s licenses must apply in person at one of four local offices in the state. The locations are:
• New Castle Division of Motor Vehicles – Airport and Churchmans Road, New Castle, Del., 19720. Phone: 302-326-5000.
• Greater Wilmington Division of Motor Vehicles – 2230 Hessler Blvd., New Castle, Del., 19720. Phone: 302-434-3200.
• Dover Division of Motor Vehicles – 303 Transportation Circle, Dover, Del., 19903. Phone: 302.744.2500.
• Georgetown Division of Motor Vehicles — 23737 DuPont Blvd., Georgetown, Del., 19947. Phone: 302-853-1000.

Delaware DMV office hours
All four offices are open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Hours on Wednesday are noon to 8 p.m. The offices are closed on legal holidays.

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