How to Get a Driver’s License in Alabama

Before a person can legally be able to cruise the streets in Alabama, they are required to test for their driver’s license(s) and fulfill all of the requirements set in place via Alabama laws. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need to know where to go to obtain a driver’s license, this guide covers everything. This is the complete guide to getting a driver’s license in Alabama.

Obtain the Learner’s Permit

Once you’re able to fulfill all of the requirements, it’s time to obtain your learner’s permit. For this portion of the process, you will need to pass vision and written exams. Passing these tests will grant a learner’s permit that you will need to hold for six months before you can apply for a driver’s license. You might want to consider taking an Alabama permit practice test before embarking on the real deal.

With a learner’s permit, you can operate a vehicle while in the company of a licensed driver in the passenger seat. Should you need to do it, you can hold this permit for four years.

If Applicable, Sign Up for a Driver’s Ed Course

While you use your learner’s permit, it may be a wise decision to enroll in a driver’s ed course for extra practice and to familiarize yourself with traffic and driving laws. This type of course will help a lot once the time comes to take your driving test for your driver’s license.

Study the Manual and Practice
Likewise, you should also be studying the Alabama driver’s manual and practicing as much as possible in the time leading up to your examinations for your real driver’s licenses. Try to place and challenge yourself in different scenarios so that you will be ready for any curve balls that the driving instructor will try to throw at you.

Schedule and Take the Written Test
Once the six month learner’s permit period has expired, you are then eligible to begin the application process for your driver’s license. You will want to start by scheduling the date for the written test with your local licensing department. You will then arrive on the scheduled date to the specified location and take a written test. If you pass, you will then schedule a date for your driving test.

If you happen to fail the written test, you can more than likely retake the test in the same day, but you will be required to pay another $5 testing fee.

Schedule and Take the Driving Test
Scheduling the date for your driving test is very similar to scheduling for your written test. Once the date arrives for your driving test, you will need to bring along a licensed driver, proof of registration and insurance, and your own vehicle to the testing site.

The instructor will generally inspect your vehicle to make sure it’s working properly before using it for testing.

If you happen to fail the driving test, you should be eligible to schedule and retake it within as little as a few days. If you made many mistakes during the test, the instructor may advise that you wait a few weeks before retaking the test.

Take the Vision Test
As you would assume, hitting the streets in a vehicle requires a keen sense of vision so that you can stay on the lookout for details and possibly risky situations. A vision test will more than likely be required if you don’t already use corrective contacts or glasses.

Obtain the License
If you pass the driving test, written exam, and vision exam, you will then be able to return to the licensing site for a temporary license. This is generally the time when your photo will be taken for use on your real driver’s license. After filling out all of the proper paperwork, all you will need to do from then on is wait for a few days for your real driver’s license to arrive.

The temporary license that you will be given will be valid for 30 days, and it will serve as your temporary identification method until your real driver’s license arrives to you via the mail.

Requirements and Fee

Before beginning the process of obtaining your license, there are requirements in place that you must fulfill beforehand for both the Alabama learner s permit as well as the official driver’s license.

The requirements for both the learner’s and driver’s license are the same. The state of Alabama requires that applicants present two forms of identification, a social security card, proof of graduation or school enrollment form (if you’re applying for the first time and are under the age of 19), a $5 testing fee, and a license cost of $23.50 for purchasing the license. If you are 18 or older and you want to complete all of the testing for your license, you must bring along proof of car insurance, another licensed driver, and a vehicle that passes Alabama inspection.

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