Georgia’s State Driving Test Questions & Answers

When you have to take a test, it helps to be prepared for what is going to be asked on that test. Knowing what to study and what to expect can make a huge difference. The same holds true when you are taking your driver’s test to get your license. While every state is a bit different in what you can expect when you take your driver’s license exam, this post will focus on the state test questions and answers in Georgia:

What Can I Expect When Taking My Driver’s License Test in Georgia?

When taking your Georgia state driver’s license test you will be asked to answer a minimum out of 15 of 20 questions on the exam correctly by selecting the best-fitting answer out of the options provided. The questions that are asked will consist of testing your knowledge of rules of the road and the responsibility that drivers have when they get behind the wheel.

To fully prepare you should know road signs, the basic rules of the road, traffic operation patterns, and what responsible driving in various situations will entail. To study for the test it is recommended that you use your DDS Driver Manual to study information contained within will help you understand the information that you will need to know for the road test.

georgia test questionsHow Can I Prepare For The Test?

Studying your DDS Driver Manual and ensuring you understand the information contained within is the best way to prepare for your Georgia state driver license test. There are also a variety of prep courses offered that can help you become more familiar with the information before you are ready to take your exam. Some only last a few hours but can help save you the headache of having to retake the exam several times in order to achieve the 75% score required to pass.

There are also a variety of online “courses” you can take that offer Georgia permit practice test specifically designed to meet the Georgia standards. This can help you determine if you are answering questions appropriately and are ready to take the exam. It can also help you gauge how much more studying you need to do before you are ready to take your actual test.


Studying the DDS Driver Manual and taking some practice tests or attending a preparation class are all great ways to help you prepare for taking the actual written exam. If you don’t pass the first time, it’s disappointing, but don’t stress as you can study some more and come back better prepared for another chance.

For more information about the questions and answers you will have to provide to pass your Georgia state driver’s license test please feel free to contact us at Driver Knowledge for more information.