This online Florida driving test practice, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the DMV written knowledge test that is required before you can get your driver’s license.

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If you have completed a defensive driving course, you may be able to save on your auto insurance premiums when buying a new or used car either by financing, leasing or through bank car loan.

Regulatory signs control traffic; they set limits or give commands and are enforceable by law. Warning Signs give you advance notice of possible hazards. Drive with caution. You will be asked to identify roadway signs on the Florida Permit Test.

Florida Driving Test Practice

So, you’re ready to start driving. You’re excited, but nervous. You’re looking forward to getting behind the wheel for the first time. You’re looking forward to being the driver, the one in control. But you are right to be nervous. Driving is a huge responsibility, often overlooked by new and long-time drivers alike.

Before you put your first car key into an ignition and turn it, you will need to pass some tests. First is the permit test. In Florida, you can take this test when you are 15 years or older. On it, you will find questions about road signs and the laws of driving.

You may think this sounds easy. Of course, you’ve been riding in cars your whole life. You have seen all the road signs and you’ve watched countless drivers. You would be surprised, though, how many people fail the written test on their first try. Instead of walking into the DMV naively, you would do well to study, maybe even take a Florida DMV practice test, to ensure that you can sit in a driver’s seat after leaving the DMV.

You may not know it, but laws are changing all the time, so it’s important to study them on your own. This way you can make sure your information is up to date. Even many older, well-meaning drivers in your life may lead you astray if you rely on spoken information regarding the rules of the road.

It is our desire that everyone who enters the DMV can leave with the legal ability to drive a car and to do it safely. Contact us today to learn more about the Florida driving laws and to take a Florida driving test practice. We actually offer eight different free tests that will help you solidify your Florida road sign recognition and driving knowledge, and we offer them conveniently in English and in Spanish.