Driver Distractions – How to Deal with Them

Driver DistractionsDistractions are most dangerous when you are driving. No matter how experienced you are as a driver and how focused you can be when at the wheel, anything that is disturbing or attractive can distract you. Distractions are the top causes of accidents around the world. Whether they are inside the car or outside the car, they can make you take your eyes off the road, and before you know it, you could end up in a collision. So for your safety and the safety of your loved ones, here are a few tips on how to deal with driver distractions.

Mobile phone

Your mobile phone is your biggest distraction when you are driving. Calling, texting or reading something on your mobile screen will need you to take your eyes off the road for a few seconds. And that is very dangerous, for you never know how the driver ahead of you will maneuver or what vehicle is coming from the bend ahead.

You may think that using a headset or a Bluetooth device for the phone will make you less distracted. That is not true. When you are speaking to someone, your concentration is on the conversation and not entirely on the road. The only way to deal with this distraction is to wait till you get to your destination before using the phone. If it is an urgent or important call, stop the vehicle to a side and then answer.

Chatting with co-passengers

Talking with people in the car when you are driving can be as distracting as talking on a cell phone. This is especially the case when you have friends in your car. That is right! Your friends can be your biggest distraction after the mobile phone. Even if they are not talking to you, their conversation can distract you. In such a case, tell them to talk softly or not talk at all as it is distracting you. Explaining the problem in a reasonable way will help your friends understand and cooperate with you.


Pets or children inside the car

Pets and children in the car can be very distracting too. The problem with kids and children arises when they are not properly buckled up in the car or if they are trying to get your attention. Both kids and pets tend to get excited when in a car, and in case of a long drive, they may get bored. To avoid being sidetracked, buckle up your kids and also your pets using car and pet seats. Also make sure that you give them some toys or books that will keep them occupied during a long drive. When traveling long distances with pets, make sure you take enough breaks in between.

Changing music or radio channels

Music is the best of stress busters. Nothing can beat listening to your favorite song as you drive. While there is no harm in listening to the radio, it can be dangerous if you are trying to act DJ when driving. Trying to change the radio station as you drive can be a distraction, as that needs you to take your eyes off the road, even if for a few seconds. If you want music, play the radio before you get on the road and avoid changing discs or radio stations or shuffle songs while driving. Instead, set the songs you want to listen to before you get started. That way, you can listen to your favorite tracks and still reach home safely, in one piece.

Eating or drinking

Food and beverages like coffee or colas can spill even when we are not moving while consuming them. Imagine what would happen when you are trying to eat or drink while driving! You are more likely to spill the beverage or drop some food and in an attempt to clean it immediately, you could get distracted from the road ahead. This will only result in a collision that is dangerous for you.