How to Get a Driver’s License in North Carolina

Whether you are finally of age to receive your driver’s license or you just moved to North Carolina from another state, you have to go through the process of obtaining a driver’s license. You can’t just go into the DMV and get one. They’ll send you home with a list of requirements you must first meet. Knowing what you need before you head to the DMV helps make the process faster, simpler, and far less stressful.

North Carolina Drivers License Requirements

To receive a driver’s license in North Carolina, you must first meet a few minimum requirements. The first is that you are at least 18 years of age. Additionally, you must either have a valid driver’s license from another state to receive a North Carolina license to establish residency. If you are already a resident looking to obtain your first license, you must have been in possession of a Learner’s Permit for at least 12 months followed by a Limited Provisional License for at least 6 months. You must not have any infractions on your license for the past six months to obtain a North Carolina driver’s license.

The process of Obtaining a North Carolina License

To obtain a license in this state, you will need to present the DMV with several items. The first is two forms of identification that include your name and age. This can include your learner’s permit, driver’s license from another state, State-Issued ID card, a certified copy of your birth certificate, or a report of consular birth abroad. You can use your Social Security Card, tax forms such as W-2s or 1099s, military ID cards, a certified copy of your marriage license, any court documents, or any US government issued documentation.

You will also need proof of your Social Security Number. You can provide this with your tax records, US government issued paperwork or ID, your Social Security Card, payroll information from your employer, or insurance cards that state your number.

Finally, you will need to prove your residency in the State of North Carolina. You can do this by presenting the DMV with any documentation issued by the state, employment records, your mortgage paperwork, tax records, voter’s registration, military orders, a utility bill, school records, insurance paperwork, or your lease contract.

If you are not a US citizen, you will be required to prove your legal presence by providing documentation from the US Federal Government that indicates how and why you are legally allowed a driver’s license in this country without citizenship.

License Testing

To obtain a North Carolina driver’s license, you must take a few tests. This includes a vision test, a road knowledge test, a driving test, and a traffic sign test. You can obtain sample copies of the road knowledge and traffic sign tests online, through the DMV, or through any traffic school in the state. You can also take the elective driving school practice tests to practice skills in which you might need a bit of additional help.

This might include making 3 point turns, parallel parking, or anything you feel you have to perfect before you head to the DMV for your driver’s test. Once you arrive at the DMV you will take a vision test, the paper road knowledge and traffic sign test, and the driving test. A certified driving instructor will come with you to perform your driving test.

You must pass all tests before a license is issued to you. If you do pass, you will pay the above-mentioned fee and smile for your license picture. If you do not pass, you will be eligible to take the tests again.

Keep in mind that when you are receiving your license, the DMV will ask if you want to donate your organs and if you want to include your voting preference on your license. Take some time to think about these items before you answer.

Once you obtain your driver’s license, you are required to adhere to the rules of the road. You must obey all traffic signs, speed limits, and laws. This includes not using your phone to text when you drive, not drinking and driving, and not driving under the influence of any substance. If you are found guilty of doing any of the above, you will face consequences.

North Carolina Drivers License Cost

The cost of obtaining a North Carolina driver’s license is relatively inexpensive. The cost per year is only $4. The North Carolina DMV accepts cash, money orders, and personal checks from those who are looking to obtain their driver’s license. The DMV does not, under any circumstances, accept debit or credit cards as a method of payment.

However, if you find yourself in need of a duplicate license because yours is damaged, lost, or stolen you will pay an additional $10 fee to obtain a new license.

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