How to Get a Driver’s License in Missouri

Missouri License Requirements

In order to obtain a driver’s license in the state of Missouri, new drivers need to follow a specific licensing process established by the Department of Revenue (DOR). Through the licensing process, drivers must meet a series of requirements that are specifically designed to ensure new drivers are fit to make safe and responsible decisions when on the road. If you are a new driver and ready to get behind the wheel, it is essential that you are aware of all the steps of the state’s Graduated Driver’s Licensing (GDL) program beforehand. Since the process can often be overwhelming, the following is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to successfully get a driver’s license in Missouri.

Instruction Learner’s Permit

For new teen drivers who are at least 15 years of age, the first step towards gaining a driver’s license is applying to receive an instruction permit, which is also known as a learner’s permit. Before filling out the application, it is suggested that you prepare for the exams by reading through the driver’s manual and completing online practice tests. Although Missouri state law does not mandate that drivers receive formal classroom driver’s education before applying for the permit, it is an excellent choice to enroll in a traditional or online driver’s education course. Not only will this help you learn the lessons for the written test, it will provide the skills needed to make responsible and timely decisions when driving.

When you feel prepared, you can go to a Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) examination station to complete the multiple-choice written knowledge test on driving practices and a short road signs test. If you score at least 80 percent of the questions right, you will be given a Driver Examination Record certificate stating that you passed the permit test. With your parent or legal guardian, take this form to any licensing office in the state to receive your learner’s permit for a fee of $3.50. You will need to submit identification proof through a U.S. birth certificate, U.S. passport, or certificate of citizenship. Make sure to also bring along your Social Security card, proof of your Missouri residential address, and the completed application for the permit.

With your new Missouri instruction permit in hand, it is important to remember that there are still some driving restrictions that will need to be obeyed to the letter. If you are under 16, you are only allowed to drive with a qualified driver who is at least 25 and has more than 3 years of licensed driving experience. When your supervising driver is not your parent or guardian, they will need to complete a Parent or Guardian Permission Statement (Form 5434) to keep in the vehicle. If you are over 16, you will need to be accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age and seated in the front seat. Regardless of age, you cannot legally transport any other passengers with just an instruction permit.

Intermediate Driver’s License

Once you are at least 16 years old and have held a learner’s permit for a minimum of 182 days, you are eligible to move on to the next stage to earn an intermediate driver’s license. You will be required to provide documentation of 40 hours of completed driving practice, including 10 hours of nighttime driving. Your parent, legal guardian, or qualified instructor will need to verify that these hours have been exceeded with the Driver Experience Log (4901). In order to apply for the intermediate license, you will need to visit your local driver licensing office with your parent/guardian. Remember to bring your valid learner’s permit, completed application, proof of driving practice, proof of identification, and payment to cover the $7.50 license fee.

At this time, you will be directed to an examiner to take the road driving skills test. You will be required to supply proof of automobile insurance and Missouri vehicle registration for the vehicle that you are using to complete the road test. Although each examiner will provide varying specific instructions for your particular road test, you will need to receive a score of 70 percent or higher to pass. If you fulfill this requirement, you will be given a temporary intermediate license and should be sent an actual copy of the license at your home address within seven to ten days. With this license, you are not allowed to drive between 1 and 5 AM and can only carry one passenger under the age of 19.

Full Unrestricted Driver’s License

When you celebrate your 18th birthday, you will be eligible to upgrade to the full Missouri driver’s license as long as you have not had any alcohol-related or traffic violations within the last 12 months. On the big day, you must visit your local driver licensing office to present your intermediate driver’s license, proof of identification, Social Security card, proof of Missouri residency, and the $10 driver’s license fee. Congratulations! You now have an unrestricted driver’s license that provides all the freedom to roam the roads responsibly.

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