How to Get a Driver’s License in Maryland

The process of getting one’s first driver’s license in Maryland can be complicated and confusing, especially if you don’t have anybody to guide you through the process. There are requirements you have to fulfill and many tests that you have to take and pass. Also, getting a driver’s license definitely isn’t free.

License Requirements
In order to get your driver’s license in Maryland, you need to meet six basic requirements. First of all, you cannot be younger than 15 years and nine months old. You must bring proof of your age, such as a birth certificate, school records, or some type of ID.

If you happen to be under the age of 18, you need to have and provide proof of parental consent. They are also required to complete the graduated driver licensing process.

No matter your age, you need to pass the driving test, the written test, as well as the vision test. You can prepare for the written test by checking out various practice tests as well as Maryland’s Driver’s Handbook. Also, you can enroll yourself in a driver education program if you need help preparing for your road test. However, the program will most likely cost you money, so it’s best to have an experienced driver you know help you prep.

All applicants need to provide proof of their legal presence, as well as two documentary proofs of proper identification. Finally, all applicants will need to provide their social security number. If they don’t have a social security number, they will need to provide a self-certification document.

License Cost
It will cost an applicant $50 in order to get a non-commercial driver’s license. If you have had a license before, the cost for a non-commercial driver’s license will be lowered to $30. This doesn’t include the cost of a certified driving school if you choose to enroll in one. Typically the cost of a driving school will range from $200 to about $360.

License Process

Getting your full license will take you about two years if you’ve never had a license before, as new drivers need to go through a three-step process.

For those who have never had a driver’s license before, the first thing you need to do is get yourself a learner’s permit. You can only apply for a learner’s permit if you’re at least 15 years and nine months old.

Take and pass the vision test as well as the knowledge test. Fill out the learner’s permit application and have it signed by your parent or guardian if you’re under the age of 18. Bring the application, identity, proof of age, and Maryland residence to an MVA location that is full-service.

Once you have the learner’s permit, you should enroll in one of the many certified driving schools. During a period of six months, all new drivers need to do driving practice for at least 60 hours. This driving practice needs to be completed with someone who is at least 21 years old. The person you’re driving with needs to have held a driver’s license for three years or more. At least 10 of the 60 practice hours must occur when it’s dark outside. Finally, a practice log must be signed by the supervising driver.

Once you’ve had the learner’s permit for six months or half a year, you can convert the learner’s permit to a provisional license. Finally, after 18 months of holding the provisional license, you can apply for a full license. However, if you are cited for a moving violation during those 18 months, the 18-month period will be restarted.

Driver’s Practice Test
If you want to ensure that you get your driver’s license as quickly as possible, you should take as many driver’s practice tests as you possibly can. There are practice tests available on Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration website.

To prepare for the knowledge test, take the Maryland Online Driver Test tutorial. You can take the test without a timer, or you can take it with a timer if you want a challenge or if you feel that you’re ready. Remember that you need to pass the actual knowledge test in 15 minutes.

The practice tests include 25 questions, just like the actual knowledge test. Although the practice test will help you, make sure you study the Driver’s Manual, as the practice tests won’t cover everything you need to know.

Driving Office Locations
Check out the Maryland MVA website to find an MVA location near you. On this website, you can find out the address, contact information, the hours, and the services provided at each MVA location.

Getting a driver’s license is a lengthy, difficult, and somewhat costly process. However, as long as you pay close attention to the requirements, practice, and study for your driver’s test, you shouldn’t experience a too difficult of a time.

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