How to Get a Driver’s License in Maine

In Maine, residents who desire to drive on public roads must obtain a state-issued license before they are legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle. For teenage and adult drivers, learning how to drive is an exciting milestone that marks the opportunity to enjoy greater independence, yet it is also important for new drivers to understand the responsibilities that come with driving a vehicle on public roads. For this reason, Maine requires new drivers to complete a licensing process that includes several basic requirements that must be met before a state driver’s license is issued to an applicant. Here is what every Maine resident needs to know about learning to be a safe driver and how to earn their driver’s license.

License Requirements

The requirements for obtaining a driver’s license in Maine are dependent upon a person’s age at the time of their application. Adults who are over the age of 21 must be a current Maine resident and a legal citizen of the United States or have a legal presence in the country. Although an applicant classified as an adult is not required to take a driver’s education course in the state of Maine, they will be required to pass a driver knowledge examination that covers state laws and regulations that regulate the operation of motor vehicles on state roads. For this reason, many adults enroll in driver’s education courses designed to help them pass the test, or they choose to take practice tests before applying. In addition to the knowledge test, adults and teens alike will need to take a road skills and vision test before proceeding to the next level in the licensing process.

Teenage drivers in Maine must be at least 16 years old before they are eligible for a driver’s license. Those who are under 18 are also required to take a state-approved driver’s education course designed to educate them regarding safe driving practices and state laws. Once they have earned their instruction permit, teenage drivers must complete 70 hours of practice driving before they are eligible to take their road test. During all practice driving, teenage drivers must be accompanied by an adult 20 years-of-age or older who holds a valid Maine driver’s license. Once a teenage driver has met all of these requirements, they will then be eligible to apply for an intermediate license that comes with specific driving restrictions for the first two years.

Costs and Fees 

Those who apply for a driver’s license in Maine must pay several fees throughout the process of obtaining their license. When applying for a Class C or motorcycle instructional permit, applicants will need to pay a fee of $10. This will cover the cost of the written test. Once a person is ready to apply for their Class C Photo Driver’s License, they will need to pay $30 if they are under the age of 65. If a person is converting an out-of-state license, they will also need to pay a $10 fee in addition to the $30 fee for their photo license. In Maine, a driver’s license must be renewed every six years, and this includes a $30 fee for a Class C driver’s license.

Licensing Process

Once a person has prepared for their driving knowledge test using their state-approved course and have taken a few practice tests, they will be ready to initiate the licensing process in the state of Maine. When applying for a driver’s license, a person will need to gather the following documents to be presented at their local driving office. These include:
• A completed driver’s license application with parental signatures for teenage drivers
• Two state-approved forms of identification
• Proof of Maine-residency
• Certificate of Completion from state-approved driver’s education program for teens
• Driver’s license fee
• Proof of insurance and registration for vehicle operated during road skills test

Driver’s Practice Tests
The majority of applicants for a driver’s license in Maine find that passing the driver knowledge exam is the most challenging aspect of completing the licensing process. For this reason, it is recommended that teenage and adult drivers should assess their understanding of Maine driving laws by taking driver’s practice test before applying. Using these tests, new drivers can gain experience by answering practice questions based upon the actual concepts covered by the state knowledge exam.

Driving Office Locations
In Maine, driver’s licenses are issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and there are offices conveniently located throughout the state. Each of these offices is open during normal business hours from Monday through Friday. The main office is located at 101 Hospital Street, Augusta, ME 04333-0029; however, local offices can conveniently be found by visiting the website.

Earning a Maine license is a requirement before a resident of the state is legally allowed to drive on public roads. Whether a person is an adult or teenage driver, preparing for the driving knowledge and road skills test is essential. Once a person has prepared, they will then be ready to complete the process of obtaining their license so they can continue to practice their safe driving skills while enjoying greater independence.

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