This online DMV NYS road signs test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the DMV written knowledge test that is required before you can get your driver’s license.

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If you have completed a defensive driving course, you may be able to save on your auto insurance premiums when buying a new or used car either by financing, leasing or through bank car loan.

Regulatory signs control traffic; they set limits or give commands and are enforceable by law. Warning Signs give you advance notice of possible hazards. Drive with caution. You will be asked to identify roadway signs on the NY Permit Test.

Driving Test NY

Ready to Drive in New York?

You’ve reached that point in life where you are finally ready to drive, but there’s one more step to take before you can be legal behind the wheel; the driver permit test.

Don’t feel intimidated! You can prepare yourself for the challenge by getting acquainted with some of the NY regulations before you even walk into the DMV.

Know the Requirements

Did you know that having a driver permit from any of the other 49 states does not qualify for legal driving in New York? If you’ve recently moved to NY, any previous learning permits that you may have had are now invalid. In addition, driving under the age of 16 is prohibited, even if you had a permit from another state at age 15.

Identification documents will be necessary in order to apply for a learner’s permit, as well as a permit fee. The fee for securing a permit in New York is a little more complicated than other States, and is based on your age and the type of permit requested (Class D, DJ, etc.).

Practice the Test

For anyone in New York who has already completed a driver’s education course, the written exam of the permit test may be bypassed. However, if you have not taken a driver’s ed course, it’s time to start studying!

One of the best ways to walk into the DMV feeling confident about your upcoming written test is by doing some practice runs through an online practice permit test NY that is modeled after the real deal. You can familiarize yourself with all of the questions an actual test will throw at you.

Head On Down to the DMV

After you’ve done your diligent studying, it’s time to go apply for your permit! Present all the needed documents, ace your test, pay your fee, pass the vision exam, and you are ready to hit the road as a new (yet knowledgeable) driver.

If you have any other questions regarding preparation for your permit test, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note: there are several places in New York where automobile operators on learner’s permits are prohibited from driving.