How To Secure Your Car From Theft

Did you know that a car is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration further estimates that only 50 percent of stolen cars are recovered. That means if your car is stolen, you can toss your coin and point head or tail whether you will recover it or not. Even if you are covered by insurance, there is always that special car that cannot be replaced. However, if you follow certain security measures to the letter, you will reduce the chances of your car getting stolen.

Don’t leave your car keys in obvious places

Auto TheftCar thieves are smarter than most people think. They know exactly where the majority of drivers hide their car keys. For example, how many times have you left your spare key beneath the wheel well or somewhere under the car? That is just like hiding your house keys under your door mat but don’t be surprised when criminals find out the obvious. Of course, you have to remember not to leave your car running even just for a 1-minute coffee break. Keep in mind that things have changed and it’s very difficult to hot wire the latest car models due to their advanced security systems. Hence, stealing your car keys is the easiest way for somebody to breach your vehicle security.

Always mind your parking location

It’s common sense that car thieves target vehicles that are parked in dim and isolated locations. But a well-lit parking location will shy off criminals with bad intentions. A locked garage will even be better than an outside. If possible, park close to the building entrance or facing security cameras positioned at the parking lot. If you are heading to a pub or a restaurant, try to find a spot where you will see your car from the inside.

Install anti-theft systems

You know why insurance companies offer a premium discount to vehicles that are equipped with the anti-theft system? It’s because car thieves avoid cars with anti-theft devices. Thanks to technological advancement, there are a lot of options to choose from that will deter whoever wants to get away with your car. Nowadays, there are even cameras that you can install inside your vehicle and see whatever is happening inside your car from the comfort of a smartphone. There is also an ignition cut off device that will not allow your car to be started which would be well complemented by a steering wheel lock. Of course, most modern vehicles come with alarms that activate when there are signs of a breach.

Do not expose valuables in the car

The worst case scenario of exposing your valuable items is they get stolen by random burglars but of course, they decide to get away with the car. Make sure high value items cannot be seen through the window by a passerby. Sometimes it is that iPhone, iPad, laptop, or an expensive necklace that attracts car thieves like nectar calling out for a harvest bee. That is why cars have dashboard in the interior; to hide valuable items. But if you have items such as a briefcase or a handbag, you can lock it up in the trunk. Just be careful to make sure the bad guy is not watching you while doing it.

Don’t forget to lock your car

It might seem obvious to state but there are drivers who forget to lock their cars and close the windows. What is even worse is leaving your sunroof wide open for intruders. Fortunately, most modern cars automatically lock themselves if the car keys sensors are far away from the car. But should you forget to lock your car or close your windows and leave your keys in the mailbox, don’t act shocked when you wake up to find your car missing.

 Get yourself a car tracking software

If everything goes south and your car is stolen, an auto-recovery tool will help trace your car before it is too late. There are car tracking tools like OnStar that rely on GPS technology to pinpoint your car location. After tracing the car, the information is automatically transmitted to the relevant authorities. Even if the police happen to be far away, car tracking tools enable drivers to stop the vehicle remotely.

It doesn’t matter what type of car model you drive. In fact, the most expensive cars such as Range Rover Sport, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar and BMW are the most frequently stolen cars.  Ironically, if a thief comes across a Ford K and a Range Rover Sport, he/she will likely try to steal the Range Rover Sport. Apart from the street cred, thieves target powerful and expensive cars for the price they can fetch on the black market. You would be surprised there are those who would even target to steal The Beast given the chance.