How To Get A Driver’s License In Washington

The first thing driver’s hoping to get their license in Washington State needs to do is to get a learner’s permit for driving, if they are age 15 1/2 or older. Once a driver turns 16, the process can then begin for getting a regular Washington State driver’s license. Driver’s also must be residents of Washington State to get their license.

Requirements For a Driver’s License In Washington
Driver’s who are new to the state or who are getting their Washington driver’s license for the first time must meet some basic requirements.

– They must be at least 16 years old

– Applicants must successfully finish and pass a driver’s training school driver education course

– Prospective driver must also have not been convicted of any alcohol or drug offenses while they were driving with a learner’s permit

– Applicants must be residents of Washington state since the license will have a home address printed on it

– Prospective licensees must also have had a Washington State instruction permit, a special temporary license with a photo on it, for a minimum of six months

– Driver’s hoping to get their Washington State driver’s license also must not have been convicted of any driving or traffic violations within a six month period before applying for their license

Drivers License Fees In Washington State
Fees are $35 to apply for a Washington State license and $45 to actually get the license. One chance to pass the tests is allowed in these fees. Tests include both a knowledge test and a driving test. If tests are failed and need to be re-taken, the prospective driver will need to pay an extra $35 fee each time a test is taken.

To replace a license that is either lost or stolen, the fee is $20. To renew a license is $45, whether the renewal is in or out of the state. If a person waits until more than 60 days past the expiration date of their license to renew it, the fee then goes up to $55 for renewal.

Steps To Get a License

1) Drivers must pass a training course

2) Get a Washington state learner’s permit

3) All new drivers must go through at least 50 hours of practice for safety and to gain experience driving

4) Pass a driving test at any state-sanctioned testing facility

5) Get the license either online or in person. To get it, applicants need to show proof that they’ve passed a training course, photo identification, an authorization form from parents giving permission to get a license, pass a vision test, and show a social security card. Then a photo will be taken and a fee is paid to get a license

Special Rules Apply To Teen Drivers
There are special rules in Washington state that apply to teen drivers, those who are between the ages of 15 and 17. These rules apply to cell phone use, driving with other teenagers in the car and to driving at night.

– Cell Phone Use – There is a blanket rule of no cell phone use that applies to teen drivers under age 18. Cell phones cannot be used even if it is a hands-free device. The only time they are allowed to be used by teen drivers is for an emergency, to call for help. Cell phones cannot be used at all for personal use or for sending or receiving text messages while driving.

– Driving With Teens In The Car – For the first six months of having a learner’s permit, no one under age 20 can be in the car with the new driver, unless they are immediate family. Once the driver has had a learner’s permit for more than six months, they cannot have more than three passengers under the age of 20 riding in the car with them. This applies to people who are not immediate family members.

– Driving At Night – For the first year, a new driver cannot drive between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. unless an experienced driver over age 25 is riding in the car with them. There are limited exceptions for farm and agricultural purposes. Drivers should check on the rules that apply to them if they intend to do agricultural work that requires driving.

Rules For Drivers Over Age 18
You won’t need to get another license once you turn 18 if you have your learner’s permit, that license will become your permanent license. After you’ve shown that you can drive safely for a year, restrictions will be lifted for passengers and for night driving. If you are convicted of any drug or driving offenses during the time you have a learner’s permit, you cannot get your license until age 18.

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