How to Get a Driver’s License in Texas

Texas has different laws and regulations that an individual must know before they can walk into a Texas Department of Public Safety and obtain a driver’s license. The age the individual is at the time the request for a driver’s license is made is going to help determine what the person will need to do to get one.

Texas Drivers License Requirements

In order to get a drivers license for the first time in Texas, individuals will need to obtain and study the Texas Driver’s Handbook. This can be downloaded from the Texas Department of Safety website or picked up at any driver license office. When applying for a Texas driver license for the first time ever, the individuals applying will need to have proof of their Social Security Number, U.S. citizenship, and proof of residency. An application will need to be completed.

Proof of the following may also be required: proof of a Texas vehicle registration or a statement that the individual does not own a motor vehicle. Every person applying for a driver license must apply in person, bring in required documents, and be prepared to pay any fees associated. The tests required will need to be passed, as well. Those tests include the reading knowledge test and the actual driving test with an instructor. A driver education course is required for any applicant that is under the age of 25.

Texas Drivers License Cost

There are a lot of different types of driver license that one may qualify for. In order to find out the best one that is going to suite your needs, you would need to contact the Texas Department of Safety. They will be able to ensure which tests that you may be required to take to get the type of driver license you need to operate a motor vehicle legally in the state of Texas.

Texas Driver’s License Cost for Class A, B or C     

Under 18: new  $16

Under 18: renewal (issued before 9/20/10)         $6

Age 18 to 84: new            $25

Age 18 to 84: renewal    $25

Age 85 and older: new   $9

Age 85 and older: renewal           $9

Disabled veterans (60%): new or renewal             Free

License Types Available For Teen Drivers

Teen drivers, that are under the age of 18, are going to be required to take the Graduated Driver License Program, also known as GDL. There are several types of licenses that a teen driver can obtain. Those types of licenses are known as a learner license, minor restricted driver license, and a provisional license.

A learner license is for individuals that are 15 years of age or older. They will also be required to meet regular licensing requirements and complete the required amount of classroom hours for drivers education. They have to have an adult that is 21 years of age in the front seat with them at all times while they are driving. When the driver becomes 18 years of age, the learner license will expire.

A minor restricted driver license may also be 15 years of age, meet required licensing requirements, complete drivers education, have qualifying hardship. This type of hardship license will expire on the individuals next birthday.

Moving To Texas For First Time

There are also different requirements for those that just moved to Texas and already have a driver license from another state. Their current driver license can be used for 90 days after they move and before it expires. All the same types of requirements will be required as any one else that lives in Texas.

If the individual that is applying for a Texas driver license is already the age of 18 and has a driver license from another state, they will not be required to take the knowledge test or driving test in order to obtain a license. Now, if the individual is from Canada, France, Germany, or South Korea they will be required to take the driving test, but not the knowledge test in order to obtain driver’s license.

Minors that are under the age of 18 do have to take the driving test, even if they have a driver license from another state and passed their past state’s driving test. However, they will not be required to take the knowledge test. This only applies to minors that have an I.D. from the other states in the United States or from Canada. Any minors from other countries will have to take both the knowledge test and the driving test to get a driver’s license.

Recently Discharged and Active Duty Military

Individuals in the United States Military, either active duty or recently discharged, may have expired license due to the line of duty. When they are needing to get their licensed updated, they will not be required to take the knowledge or driving tests. They will need to show proof of their military ID and proof from their past state that they are allowed to have an extension policy on receiving their driver’s license. The Texas Department of Safety will have more information regarding the terms for the active duty or recently discharged military member.

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