Green Cars and Auto Insurance

It has been widely argued that human being is killing the Earth, by using up all the resources and not protecting our environment. This situation has a lot of people discussing about what they should do to save the environment. Bad things in the environment could affect us all in the food we eat, water we drink and air we breathe. Unfortunately, many people don’t want to give their pleasant, cushy lifestyle or just simply too lazy to become a part of the growing movement to protect the environment. Car owners could also contribute to make the Earth a healthier and better place to live. We should think ahead and consider how the future generation would live. Our children and grandchildren could grow up and face a condition that’s far worse that we are today.

Car insurance providers also participate by encouraging consumers to adjust their lifestyle to make everything more eco-friendly. With the rising cost of gasoline, consumers are choosing for green cars; because these efficient vehicles can save them on rising fuel costs. Lower car emission also results in less carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other pollutants released by the car. This means, people could breathe cleaner air, especially those who live in urban areas. By purchasing green cars, we could participate in slowing down the rate of global warming.

Green Cars Auto Insurance
Owners of green cars should look for insurers that provide cheaper coverage for their eco-friendly vehicle. Recent researches show that consumers are more likely to buy green cars, due to the decreasing costs. Hybrid cars are still comparatively more expensive, because they are still new and consumers need to contribute to the R&D costs. This makes car insurance is ideal for green cars, especially considering that some insurers are willing to lower the insurance rates. According to researches, people who own and drive hybrids are less likely to get involved in car accidents. If they care about the environment, they are usually less reckless and more responsible. Insurers could see them as more sensible.

Also, some insurers set up carbon off-setting programs. Meaning, they take a portion of the revenue to the carbon-offsetting programs, such as education, recycling projects, trees planting and other important eco-projects. Insurers may also offer some incentives to car owners, if they recycle a totaled car that was wrecked in an auto accident.