Driver Knowledge have helped thousands of young people get their driving license, in turn providing them with opportunities in the workplace and beyond. We understand that better drivers are safer drivers and an asset to any business or institution they work with. Hence we want to help the younger generation implement better and safer driving in and out of the workplace.

To do this we have created a scholarship that is aimed at encouraging this mindset and will help furnish an ethos of health and safety surrounding vehicle use. The Driver Knowledge Scholarship provides suitable students with the opportunity to gain a scholarship. Those who can demonstrate to us they have an understanding of how safer driving can help create a better workplace and showcase how to implement their idea in the real world are in with a chance of winning our $1000 scholarship.

We will require you to produce a piece of content in video form (2-3 mins) on how safer driving benefits and can be encouraged in the workplace. This piece should demonstrate your critical skills and also an innovative idea you think could make the difference. We want you to show us how you believe proper driving training is a vital element to success. Real world examples will be considered highly.
The winner will receive $1000 to put towards higher education.

Students who are enrolled in a high school, college, trade school or university are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

All your videos should be geared towards your personal beliefs. Make sure you be innovative in your presentation. You will be judged on how convincing, creative, persuasive and informative your video is going to be.

Application Process:
Make sure your videos do not exceed the 3-minute duration length. All you need to do is upload the video to YouTube under the title of “Driver Knowledge Scholarship Program.” Once the video is uploaded, include a link to this page in the description of the video. Make sure you email the active YouTube link to including the following information:

. Your Name
. Mailing Address
. Telephone Number
. The Name of the School You are Attending (With Proof of Acceptance/Enrollment)
. Your Field of Study

By submitting this application, you are authorizing Driver Knowledge to use or display your video for promotional purposes.

January 31st, 2018

The winner will be selected by February 14th 2018. Please remember that if the winner doesn’t claim his or her prize within two weeks of being contacted by our organization, we will be picking a new winner for this purpose.

Driver Knowledge Training has decided to run this scholarship program every year. Our goal is to support future leaders in the workplace in order to make their workplaces a safer and more enjoyable one. Our wholehearted belief is that this noble cause is definitely achievable with the help of the next generation of individuals. We want to help them implement safer, better and much improved practices at work. This is what we plan to achieve by running our scholarship program each year.

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