This online DMV Pennsylvania permit test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the DMV written knowledge test that is required before you can get your driver’s license.

Pennsylvania Rules

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Parking or standing is not allowed within 30 feet of a:

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In school zones, the speed limit is __ miles per hour when the lights on the school zone sign are flashing

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Do not park a vehicle within -- feet of the nearest rail of a railroad crossing.

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Roads freeze more quickly when they are:

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In Pennsylvania, if you are of legal drinking age (21 or older), you are considered to be driving "while under the influence" if your blood alcohol level is ___ or higher.

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How many points will be recorded against your license for leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage only?

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If you refuse to give a breath or blood sample when asked by authority:

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If you are under age 21 it is against the law to drive with a bodily alcohol content of ____ or greater.

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Parking or standing is not allowed within -- feet of a crosswalk at an intersection.

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If you operated or permitted the operation of your vehicle without insurance, your driving privilege will be suspended for a period of:

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How many points will be recorded against your license for failing to stop for school bus with flashing red lights and stop arm extended?

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You must not follow emergency vehicle displaying flashing warning lights and sounding a siren within:

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Children under the age of ___ must be buckled into a federally-approved child passenger restraint system.

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On interstate highways and other freeways, the maximum speed limit is ____ where posted.

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It is illegal to use or even flash high-beam headlights within ___ feet of an oncoming vehicle.

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If your name or address is changed, you must notify PENNDOT in writing within _____ of that change even if moving out of state.

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Driving a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania is:

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If your license expires:

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Pennsylvania law state that you have agreed in advance, to be tested for alcohol in your blood if police officer suspects you may be under the influence.

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You may not pass within ___ feet of a bridge, viaduct or tunnel

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If you hold a valid driver's license from another state, you must get a Pennsylvania driver's license within ___ days after moving to Pennsylvania and surrender your out-of-state license.

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If you are under age 21 and are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, you will receive a ____ license suspension for a first offense.

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A school bus with red signal lights flashing is stopped. What does the law require you to do?

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According to Pennsylvania state law, you must maintain automobile liability insurance on your registered vehicle at all times.

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You should lower your headlights when you are following within -------- behind another vehicle

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The law requires that the wheels of the parked vehicle are within what maximum distance from the curb?

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When does the law require lights on vehicles to be turned on?

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How far must you park from a fire hydrant?

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In a roundabout, a driver should drive in:

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It is a law in Pennsylvania, the ___________________ must wear a seat belt.

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Pennsylvania Permit Test

Test your knowledge on the meanings of traffic rules. To get your Pennsylvania drivers license you are required to take a written test that covers road signs and road rules. This online Pennsylvania Permit Test and learner’s permit traffic rules practice test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the DMV written knowledge test that is required before you can get your driver’s license. This free practice written driving test is a lesson that is essential for getting your Pennsylvania driver’s license at your local licensing office. Please note, however, that this is not the actual test, and you will not receive your license if you pass this practice test.

Use Practice Tests – Obvious but invaluable resource, practice tests are sure to help you succeed. A quick internet search will direct you to practice tests tailored for the specific driving rules of your state, available to use as much as you want for free. Use these practice tests vigorously, and don’t be afraid of trying over until you finish with a passing grade.

A person who repeatedly fails the exam may lose hope and confidence. Failure can also delay or disrupt important life goals and activities. Few employers want to hire someone without a reliable source of transportation. The ability to drive is often a necessity in everyday life. By approaching the permit and license exam the right way, anyone can succeed.