This online DMV California driving test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the DMV written knowledge test that is required before you can get your driver’s license.

California Rules

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California law state that you have agreed in advance, to be tested for alcohol in your blood if police officer suspects you may be under the influence.

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To operate a motorcycle if under 21, you must:

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When parallel parking, it is legal to park:

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If you fail to stop for a school bus with red flashing lights:

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A driver who is under 18 must get:

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You must dim your lights to low beams within -------- of a vehicle coming toward you.

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The law requires that the wheels of the parked vehicle are within what maximum distance from the curb?

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When you have a collision, report it to the DMV within 10 days if:

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A blue painted curb permits:

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If your license expires:

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Receiving a driver license in state of California is:

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By law a child under 6 and weighing less than 60 pounds should use a safety seat:

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The nearest a driver may park to a fire hydrant is:

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A yellow curb means:

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If you transfer or sell your vehicle, report to the DMV within:

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If you purchase a vehicle from a private owner:

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For the first year, the provisional driver:

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You must not follow any emergency vehicle that has its siren or lights operating within:

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After you move, you must tell the DMV:

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It is legal to use cell phones without 'hands free' equipment:

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Unless otherwise marked, the maximum speed in a business area is:

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To get a Provisional Permit you must be at least:

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When passing a school where children are present the speed limit is:

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A red curb means:

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When approaching a railway crossing where an electrical or mechanical signal device is warning of the approach of train, you must stop:

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A Provisional Instruction Permit allows you to drive:

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California's 'Basic Speed Law' says that:

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It is illegal for any person to operate a vehicle with a:

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If you lose or damage your driver's license:

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A green painted curb means parking for:

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It is recommended that you take a practice test before you take the actual written test. There are seven free practice tests for each state. First two tests cover roads signs and the other tests cover road and traffic rules.

California Driving Test

This California Driving Test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the CA practice permit written knowledge test that is required before you can get your driver’s license. Passing the California DMV permit test is as easy as 1 2 3 using our online interactive driving practice tests with high-quality images. Study for this driver’s license practice test is completely free.

A person who repeatedly fails the exam may lose hope and confidence. Failure can also delay or disrupt important life goals and activities. Few employers want to hire someone without a reliable source of transportation. The ability to drive is often a necessity in everyday life. By approaching the permit and license exam the right way, anyone can succeed.