Clean Your Car with Household Items and obtain Striking Results!

Whenever it is nice and sunny outside, the first thing car owners do is get their car cleaning supplies and get to work. From tar to pine sap to dust, your car can be covered with different types of dirt and grime. Well, perhaps in the winter but in the summer you have more opportunities to wash your car so your car is probably not looking too terrible then.

Regardless, there are some fascinating ways to clean your car and you would never guess how!

Did you know that you do not need to buy expensive car cleaning products to get yours looking shiny and clean? There are many household items that you can use to effectively clean and deodorize your vehicle and have it looking as polished as new!

Here is a look at some of the best household items you can use for cleaning your car.

Vinegar: As you know, vinegar has a plenitude of uses in the home and now you can include it for your car care too. You can use it for everything from cleaning the upholstery and windshield to deodorizing your car interior. As a general rule, you should use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts of water to make a cleaning solution. For cleaning stains on the exteriors of your car, mix 1 part water and 3 parts vinegar in a spray bottle – you can also use this magical solution on your windshield to keep it frost-free in the winter.

Rubbing Alcohol: Did you know that rubbing alcohol works really well on stains? All you have to do is soak a die-free cloth with the alcohol and dab the stain. Remember that you must never rub the stain. You can also make a quick cleaning solution by mixing ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol with 1 liter of water to keep frost away from your windshield. If you already have frost on your windshield, spray undiluted rubbing alcohol directly on the windshield’s exterior and the ice will melt away in no time.

Essential Oils: Do you have essential oils in your home? Why not use them to make your own all natural car air freshener? This is a sagacious idea to customize your car’s scent. And it is really simple to make your own car air freshener. A few simple craft tools and the essential oil of your choice and you can hang an adorable, sweet-smelling air freshener in your vehicle.

Clean Your CarOlive Oil: After dusting your dashboard, you can make it shine with the help of a little olive oil. Before lathering your dashboard with the oil, make sure that you test a spot in a hidden area before treating the whole area. Once you are sure that there will not be any discoloration, apply a small amount of the oil and rub it with a clean cloth. Your dashboard will look shiny and new!

Coconut Oil: This amazing oil is not only good for soft skin and hair, it also makes an excellent conditioner for leather. Wipe your leather with a damp die-free cloth – make sure that it is not wet. Allow it to dry. Next, add small amounts of coconut oil and gently rub it into the leather with a clean and dry cloth. Make sure that you do a spot test before using the oil on the entire leather upholstery.

Cornstarch: This is another household cleaning item that you can use to clean your car too. To clean your car windows, mix ½ cup cornstarch and 4 cups of water and spray the solution onto the glass. Wipe with a clean, die-free cloth and your windows will sparkle! Another way to use cornstarch for your car is as a natural deodorizer on your upholstery. Simply sprinkle a little bit of it on and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes before vacuuming. If you have oil or grease spots on your car upholstery, mats, or floorboards, cover it with cornstarch and allow it to sit for 12 hours. It will absorb the oil or grease. Vacuum and clean afterwards – it works!

Baking Soda: What is there that baking soda cannot do? For your car, it deodorizes really well. Just sprinkle it on your floor mats and then vacuum it all away to refresh. It is also magnificent for car cleaning as it is less abrasive than other products. You can use a paste of baking soda and water to make dirty seat belts clean. All you have to do is apply the paste to the nylon and gently scrub it. Next, rinse it off well and let it air dry. It is critical to make sure that you use non-abrasive cleaners on seat belt materials as they do not weaken the fabric’s integrity.

Cooking Spray: You can use cooking spray to keep brake-dust and dirt off your tires and wheels when you clean your car. All you need to do is clean the area and spray on some cooking oil. This also helps make cleaning your tires rather simple the next time around. It can also be used to remove pesky bugs that stick to the front of your car in a jiffy– simply spray and wipe.

As you can see, there are many simple household items that you can use to clean your car and make it look shiny and also smell fabulous. The next time you need to clean your car, forget about buying expensive products – just look around your kitchen and you are sure to find everything you need!