How To Change Your Car’s Air Filter

Regular maintenance will help prevent problems and extend the life of your vehicle. Changing the air filter is one of the many things that you will have to do keep your vehicle functioning without any problems. Your air filter helps keep debris and contaminants from getting inside of the engine. Experts recommend that you change your air filter once every 12,000 miles or every 12 months. You should also check your air filter periodically in order to make sure that it has not accumulated a lot of debris and dust.

Changing the air filter is relatively simple. You will need a new air filter and a rag. You will also need a butter knife or screw driver. Below is the step by step process for changing your car’s air filter:

Get The Right Replacement Filter

Before you change your car’s current air filter, you will need to find the right replacement filter. The air filter that you get should be the same as the one you are replacing. If you are unsure about the right filter to use, then you should check the owner’s manual. You can also ask a professional at an auto parts store about the right air filter to use for your vehicle.

Change Your Car's Air Filter

Park Your Vehicle

You will need to park your vehicle on level ground before changing the air filter. Make sure that you use the emergency brake. After that, you will need to open up the hood. Additionally, you should allow your engine to cool before you start doing any work. Air filters are typically inexpensive.

Find The Air Filter

The air filter is most likely located near the top of your car’s engine. After you have found the air filter, you will need to remove the cover. Most air filters covers are held in place with either screws or metal clips. You will need to use a butter knife to remove the metal clips. Use a screw drivers to remove the screws. Remove the cover and the air filter from the case.

Put The New Filter In

Before placing the new filter inside of the case, use a rag to remove any debris. Put the new filter in, place the cover over it and reattach the screws or metal clips.

You can change the air filter in your car in about 10 minutes. Performing this simple task will help keep your engine clean and prevent vehicle problems.