5 Tips For Passing Your Driver License Permit Exam

Permit ExamEarning a driver’s license is a right of passage for most teenagers. The open road is calling! However, you must pass that driver’s permit test first. All states have varying rules for permit and license approval, from graduated license levels to outright permission. Everyone must go through the driver license permit exam, and there are several key steps to practically guarantee success. Are you ready to pass that test? Take a deep breath, and prepare for the open road like it’s the final SAT test day of the year.

Read and Study the DMV Manual

The DMV automatically hands you a driver’s manual when you’re earning your driving privilege. Don’t just cast this booklet aside, but use it as a studying tool. Permit tests are largely pulled from these manuals. Study the wording for all the rules because many of the final questions use the same terminology. If you get confused over a concept, recalling the manual’s terminology could help you select the right answer.

For example, distance is often referred to as car lengths by the DMV. The manual will mention car length quantities when following or braking behind a vehicle. Study and apply these concepts to the permit exam. They’ll be more accurate than selecting quantities in feet or meters.

Mentally note any distances mentioned specifically in feet or meters, however. There are certain instances, such as signalling before a turn, that discuss distance in exact values. Signalling 150 feet before a turn is standard in most states, for example.

Take Advantage of Practice Tests

Practice tests used to be difficult to find, such as scouring local bookstores for a reference book. Take to the Internet and find hundreds of practice tests with one search. Narrow down the selections by choosing your state of residence. Many websites offer both free and paid tests, so it’s up to you to find the right source for your studying needs.

Don’t just take one test and head off to the DMV. Take several tests and look over any wrong answers. If you’ve studied well, any wrong answers should be consistent across multiple practice exams. Write down the question and answer to study the concept more thoroughly afterward. There might be an area you are weak in, such as sign recognition. Don’t be discouraged; everyone has struggles with some driving concepts.

Practice tests also give you a sense of familiarity and comfort with exam participation in general. You want to feel relaxed during the actual test, allowing answers to flow from your mind without freezing from stress. Train your mind to take this exam with no worries about the outcome. You might find these test-taking skills to be applicable for other courses in the future.


Pay Attention in Driver’s Education

Driver’s education is usually given in high school or by private companies. Regardless of the class type, students must pay attention. You might feel that a concept taught in class is boring or obvious, but it may be discussed amongst two or three questions on that permit exam. Come to class prepared with note-taking as a common thread throughout. Teachers usually have the insider knowledge for both the permit exam and physical driver’s test, so you can be sure to pass both tests with flying colors.

Keep your DMV driver’s manual handy during driver’s education class too. If you find any discrepancies between the manual and lecture, bring up these facts with the teacher. A discussion can be created about the concept, allowing the entire class to have a deeper understanding of the open road. For example, yielding at a green light to make a left turn might be discussed. Questions about turning on the yellow light or pulling out into the intersection are smart concepts to cover and understand with a teacher’s experience.

Be Prepared on Test Day

Permit exam day could be met with a nervous mind and body. Sleep might have been difficult the night before, for instance. However, it’s important to try and calm down the day before, allowing yourself to sleep soundly. Start the day with a healthy breakfast by combining protein, starches and fruits into your meal. Schedule the exam in the morning to take advantage of your rested mind and fed body. Your brain needs these energy sources to pull out critical study information. The mind cannot work properly without food and rest.

A clever tip used by college students is using a sugar boost. Take a small piece of candy, such as a chocolate nugget, and consume it just prior to the exam. The sugar being digested gives brain cells a slight boost in energy, allowing you to apply those driving concepts correctly and accurately.

Read Over Answers

Even with a good breakfast, sleep and a little sugar boost, mistakes can happen. When you complete the exam, read over all your answers. Read the question to yourself and verify that your answer is the only possible one. Most answers could be right, but even the smartest test-takers can accidentally choose the wrong circle to fill in.

Also check those filled boxes for accuracy. Many DMV tests are computer graded. If the computer sees a mark that’s halfway outside of the standard circle, it might be marked wrong or incomplete. Fill in those circles completely and erase any rogue marks across the page. You don’t want any mistakes grading your exam down. One hundred percent is your goal for this milestone test.

Now that you know all the insider tips for passing the permit test, it’s time to apply those concepts. Being safe on the road means you understand all the rules whether you’re driving in California or Maine. As you gain more road experience, you’ll find less accidents and insurance costs in your future. Who doesn’t want a perfect driving record? You can have that perfection by starting with good study habits and applying that logical knowledge to the statewide DMV exam. Pass your permit exam on the first try and watch your confidence behind the wheel grow. Good luck!