How to Get a Driver’s License in Oregon

If you are in the process of relocating to Oregon or you are interested in applying for your Driver’s License for the first time, it is important to gather all of the documentation that you need before you make a trip to your local DMV office. The process of getting a Driver’s License in the state of Oregon varies depending on your age, your residency, and whether or not you have held a license in another state. Read on for an easy guide to obtaining a Driver License in the Beaver State.

What Are the Licensing Requirements in Oregon?

In the state of Oregon, anyone who is a permanent resident of the state and operates a vehicle on public roadways must have a permit or a driver license. A driver license is issued to drivers who can prove their identity and that they are competent behind the wheel. For applicants who do not have experience behind the wheel, the state does offer the opportunity to apply for an instruction permit. Every state in the United States sets their own licensing requirements that must be satisfied before the applicant can test or be issued a driver license. To get approved to possess a driver license you must:

* Be a permanent or temporary resident of Oregon
* Be 18 years of age or older (16 and 17-year-old applicants have special requirements)
* Provide proof of name, residence, date of birth and identity
* Not have a suspended, revoked or withdrawn driving privilege in a state
* Provide proof of your address
* Submit an application with a list of medical conditions
* Pass an eye exam on site
* Pass a knowledge test
* Pass a behind the wheel drive test with the DMV
* Have your driver license photo taken and pay all licensing fees
* Surrender any other ID cards or DL cards that are in your possession

Oregon Drivers License Cost

You must pay a fee of $9 to take the Drive Test. You will also be required to pay $5 to take your knowledge test. Once you provide everything that the Department required, you will need to pay a $55 fee for your CDL to be mailed to you.

Driver License – Class C (non-commercial) $60
Driver License – Commercial (CDL) – Customer Has No Oregon Driver License $135.50
Driver License – Commercial (CDL) – Upgrade of Existing Oregon Driver License $75.50
Driver License – Moped-Restricted Class C (non-commercial) $60

Endorsement – Farm – Upgrade of Existing Oregon Driver License $29
Endorsement – Motorcycle – Customer Has No Oregon Driver License $144
Endorsement – Motorcycle – Upgrade of Existing Oregon Driver License $87

Permit – Disability Golf Cart $50
Permit – Disabled Person Parking – Individual or Wheelchair User (must have a driver license, ID card, or parking ID card) No Fee
Permit – Disabled Person Parking – Temporary No Fee
Permit – Emergency or Special Student Driver $23.50
Permit – Probationary (non-refundable) $50

Identification Card $44.50
Identification Card – Parking $44.50

Instruction Permit – Class C Driver License (non-commercial) (valid for 2 years) $23.50
Instruction Permit – Commercial Driver License (CDL) (valid for 1 year) $23.50
Instruction Permit – Motorcycle (valid for 1 year) $23.50

When Do You Need a Class C Oregon Driver License?

Visitors to Oregon need not apply for a driving privilege unless they are on an extended vacation that lasts longer than 30 days. International visitors with temporary state visas can be issued a limited term driver license until the expiration of the visa with the appropriate proof. In this case, you will need to apply for a Driver License just like you would if you were applying for a standard Class C license that is valid for 8 years.

Individuals who are moving to Oregon and who have a permanent address must report their movements to the DMV and apply for a license within 30 days of moving. At this time, you must have all of the proof that you need to apply for your Driver License on hand. If you are pulled over driving a vehicle in the state of Oregon after you have moved and you do not have a license, you can be cited.

What is the Process of Applying for an Oregon CDL?

You must apply for a Driver License in the state of Oregon at a local DMV office. You must provide acceptable proof of your age, identity, and your address on the day of your knowledge and driving test to be issued a CDL.

Step 1: The very first thing you will need to do is pass the knowledge test, which is conducted at most locations up to 1 hour before the branch closes if you do not have an appointment. You will need to bring acceptable proof of your identity before you test. If you fail your test on the first, second, or third attempt, you are required to wait 1 business day to retest.

Step 2: Upon completion of your knowledge test, you must provide acceptable proof of your residency, your date of birth and your identity. There are a variety of different acceptable forms of documentation that you can bring. Verify that your documentation is acceptable before visiting the DMV.

Step 3: You must also pass a regular drive test to test your knowledge of traffic rules and your general driving ability before you will be issued a driving privilege. You must have this skills test scheduled to ensure there is an examiner available to test you. The vehicle must be in safe operating condition to test behind-the-wheel in it.

Step 4: You must pay a fee – see here

Step 5: You will receive an interim CDL that can be used along with previous ID card to show as proof of your driving privilege until you receive your Oregon CDL in the mail. Any ID cards and DL cards from prior states will be hole punched so that they are not valid.

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