How to Get a Driver’s License in Oklahoma

Applying for a driver’s license in the state of Oklahoma is a fairly simple process as long as you have the appropriate documents and, if you are under a certain age, have taken a driver education course.

Getting a License

Like most other states, Oklahoma requires people applying for a new driver’s license to take a safe driving exam, which includes a written component and a road test component. The Department of Public Safety administers both of these tests. Appointments are not required for the written test, but you must schedule an appointment to take your road test. You can do this by visiting the Department of Public Safety, making an appointment at the time you take your written test or by calling ahead to make an appointment to take both components on the same day.

What Are the Driver’s License Requirements in Oklahoma?

People applying for a new driver’s license in Oklahoma must:
• be at least 15 and a half years old and have proof that they have taken a driver education course with a curriculum approved by the state to be eligible for a learner’s permit

• be able to show a primary form of identification such as a birth certificate, passport or citizenship documents

• be able to show a secondary form of identification such as a military ID card; state-issued ID card from a public school, college or state agency; tribal ID card or Bureau of Indian Affairs ID card; or a marriage license

• not have had a driver’s license revoked in another state

• show proof of liability insurance

• show proof of enrollment in school and proof of standardized test proficiencies if the driver is under 18 years old

• be able to pass a vision test with or without prescription glasses or contact lenses

• provide a doctor’s note disclosing any medical conditions that may affect their ability to drive

• bring a primary and secondary form of identification, proof that their car is registered in Oklahoma and their out of state driver’s license if they are transferring a license from another state

How Much Does an Oklahoma Driver’s License Cost?

Oklahoma has a schedule of fees for new driver’s licenses. New learner’s permits and Class D driver’s licenses cost $21.50 and a $4 application fee, totaling $25.50. If you have to take either portion of the safe driving exam more than once, there is an additional $4 fee for each attempt. Seniors who are ages 62 and older pay less for new licenses. Application fees, new license costs, and retest fees are all paid after the new driver passes both portions of the safe driving exam.

The written driver’s exam covers basic road safety rules and asks you to identify certain common road signs. The road signs portion of the exam shows you different road signs with the words removed. For instance, a stop sign would be depicted as a blank red octagon.

What Can I Expect When Taking the Oklahoma Driver’s Exam?

To ensure that all drivers know the rules of road safety, the state of Oklahoma requires all new driver’s license applicants to take a written exam with questions written from the material provided in the Oklahoma Driver’s Manual, a publication provided for free online or available in print for a small fee in Department of Public Safety offices. The questions on the written exam cover a variety of topics, including rules of the road, safe driving techniques and the effects of drugs and alcohol on your ability to drive safely.

At the same time that you take the written exam, you will take a vision test that ensures that you can see well enough to drive. If you have to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses while taking the vision test, your license will have a restriction and you will be required to wear your corrective lenses at all times while driving.

When you pass the written and vision tests, you are eligible to take the road test. A state driving examiner will ride along with you and evaluate your ability to drive safely and observe state and local traffic laws.

If you fail either portion of the exam, you must wait one business day to try again.

To protect the safety of all drivers, Oklahoma requires that anyone applying for a new driver’s license provide proof that they have auto liability insurance with certain policy coverage minimums.

Renewing your Driver’s License

It’s easy to renew an Oklahoma driver’s license. You can do in person or in special circumstances based on eligibility, via mail. Online driver’s license renewal is not currently offered.

When renewing in person:

• Bring a proof of identification
• Fee of $21.50 will be due
• Make an appointment with DPS

Obtaining an Oklahoma Driver’s License for the First Time

-Step One: Driver’s Education Course

Those younger than 16 must take and pass a driver’s education course. Drivers can take this test either in person in a traditional class setting or online. For drivers aged 16 and older, the driver’s education course is encouraged but not a requirement.

-Step Two: Prepare for the Test

Study the Oklahoma Driver’s Manual and if needed, take a few practice tests online [ LINK: ] to prepare (there is a fee required for practice tests).

-Step Three: Find a DPS (Department of Public Safety) Office

No appointment is necessary to take a written driver exam test, however, you will need an appointment for the road test which is a requirement to obtain a license. After locating a DPS office, call and make your appointment.

-Step Four: Take the Test

When you arrive at the DPS office, you will be required to:

• Bring primary and secondary approved documentation which clearly shows your name, age and residency information
• For those younger than 16 years, bring proof that an approved driver education class has been completed
• Consent and take a vision test

If you pass the test, you will be issued a driver’s permit which allows driving with a licensed driver aged 21 or older. A 50 hour minimum of practice driving with a licensed driver is required, which 10 of those hours occurring at night before you can apply for an intermediate license. The permit application fee is $4.

-Step Five: Take the Driving Test

You will be required to provide a safe vehicle that is legally registered to drive that will be used for your driving test.

If you pass your driving test, the examiner will give you an acceptance slip that you will take to a tag agency. Here, you will obtain your license for a fee of $21.50 (or for those over 61 years, a reduced fee is available for $11.25.)

If by chance you fail the driving test, you will be required to wait a week before trying again. You are allowed to retake the driving test up to three times. After failing the third time, you will be required to wait for a 30 day period before another driving test attempt.

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