This online DMV drivers ed practice test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the DMV written knowledge test that is required before you can get your driver’s license.

Rules 5

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The best way to stop quickly on a wet or icy roadway is to:

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Motorcycles must follow the rules of the road and are considered:

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When making a left turn from a single left-turn lane, a green arrow indicates that:

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What is intersection?

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You should dim your headlights when:

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You will find most roads are most slippery during:

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When entering a freeway you should:

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When encountering a funeral procession you should:

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What should you do when coming to a curve?

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It is best to turn your front tires into the curb when you are:

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When pulling away from the curb, you should:

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Passing on the right is permitted if:

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If you see a solid yellow line next to a broken yellow line this means:

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The only way to ensure you have safely checked your blind spot is to:

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When entering a blind intersection how should you proceed?

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Driving more slowly than surrounding traffic is:

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What should you do if you feel drowsy while driving?

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To pass a large truck, you must:

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When the traffic signal light facing you is red and you intend to go straight through the intersection, what must you do first?

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Which of these statements is true about construction zones?

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Which of the following is a basic step to take after an accident?

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Who has right-of way when driving in a traffic circle?

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Why should you reduce your speed when driving at night?

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What does the solid white line on the right edge of the road represent?

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If you must park on an unlighted highway at night what should you do?

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When driving on the highway where the posted speed limit is 65 mph, yet traffic is traveling at 70 mph or more, how fast may you legally drive?

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When you come to a corner where there are no traffic lights or stop signs, you should:

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When driving in fog, you should use your:

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When you reach a four-way stop at the same time as another car, you must yield to the car:

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When you are required to yield to an emergency vehicle?

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Drivers Permit Test

As a teenager, getting your driver’s license is one of the biggest deals in your life. You’ll have freedom to travel to work and school, meet your friends, and, soon, move into your own place. This is not the easiest goal ever, though, so you will need to think ahead and prepare. These drivers permit Test will help you do exactly that, making exam day easier and less stressful.

Driving is a huge responsibility; that’s why you have to spend so much time learning and preparing for something as simple as a learner’s permit. Do the work and take this seriously and, far more likely than not, you’ll be rewarded with that permit.

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If you have some driving experience, such as in a driver’s training program, then try to relate what you are reading to your own experiences or talk to other drivers you know about their experiences. The more connections you can make to the abstract words in the handbook, the more likely you will be to remember them on the drivers permit test.

A person who repeatedly fails the exam may lose hope and confidence. Failure can also delay or disrupt important life goals and activities. Few employers want to hire someone without a reliable source of transportation. The ability to drive is often a necessity for everyday life. By approaching the permit and license exam the right way, anyone can succeed.