Trouble and Safety

Trouble and Safety Indicators and Symbols

SRS Air Bag Indicator SRS Air Bag Indicator Symbols,
Antilock Brake System Antilock Brake System Trouble Lights,
Automatic Shift Lock Automatic Shift Lock (ASL) Indicator Symbol
Blind Spot Warning Blind Spot Warning System
Catalytic Converter Warning Catalytic Converter Warning Symbol
Charging System Warning Charging System Warning Light Symbols
Check Engine Electrical Check Engine Electrical Indicator
Check Engine Light Check Engine Light Symbols
Clogged Air Filter Clogged Air Filter
Electronically Controlled Brake System Electronically Controlled Brake System Symbol
Electronic Throttle Control Electronic Throttle Control
Engine Foul Indicator Engine Foul Indicator
Reduced Engine Power Reduced Engine Power Indicator
Check Gas Cap Check Gas Cap
Lambda Lambda (Oxygen) Sensor
Low Brake Fluid Low Brake Fluid Indicator Symbol
Low Brake Pad Warning Low Brake Pad Warning Light
Low Coolant Lights Low Coolant Lights
Message Message
More Low Coolant More Low Coolant Lights
Parking Brake Engaged Parking Brake Engaged Indicator
Power Steering Trouble Power Steering Trouble Light
Drive train or Power train Trouble Drive train or Power train Trouble Lights
Security Indicator Security Indicator Symbols
Service Reminder Service Reminder
Tire Pressure Monitoring System Tire Pressure Monitoring System Lights